The estate of a nursing home resident who was abused and neglected while staying at the Health and Rehabilitation Center, also called Madison Manor, is suing the nursing home and three of its former nursing home workers for nursing home abuse and neglect. Personal injury lawyer San Francisco can provide you the proper assistance in these case.

Armeda Thomas lived at the long-term care facility from February 2007 through September 2008. She died in November 2008. While Thomas was staying at the nursing home, family members installed a hidden video camera to monitor the care that she was receiving because they were worried she was being mistreated.

The video footage recorded in August and September 2008 shows nursing home workers physically and verbally abusing her, as well as neglecting to feed and clean her. Three former Madison Manor nursing home employees, Amanda G. Sallee, Jaclyn Dawn VanWinkle, and Valerie Lamb, were charged criminally for abusing and neglecting Thomas, who at the time of the alleged incidents was in her 80’s and suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Among the abuse incidents recorded was that of Thomas being handled roughly, including footage of a worker recklessly lifting the elderly resident’s legs higher than required to make incontinent changes and picking her up by her neck. Not only did workers fail to feed Thomas on more than one occasion, but a nursing assistant ate the patient’s food twice. Over two weeks, Thomas lost 19 pounds.

The nursing home abuse and neglect lawsuit is seeking compensatory and punitive damages for Thomas’ personal injuries, legal fees, and court costs for chronic neglect, abuse, and substandard care with the help of a Umansky criminal defense lawyers.

Last month, the federal Health and Human Services‘ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services added Madison Manor to its “Special Focus Facilities” list. The list names nursing homes that have exhibited more issues than other US nursing homes—especially over a long period of time.