Under the law of the United States of America every criminal is innocent until proven guilty and has the right to a lawyer, even if they cannot afford one the state will provide them with a Public Defender at no cost to the defendant. It takes a certain kind of lawyer to work for Criminal Defense, if you weren’t built for it you will not be successful in the field.

In order to be a Criminal Defense Lawyer you must have the ability to look at the situation from all perspectives involved. This will give you a better understanding of the individual you are defending and will no doubt, make your case more believable and personally relate-able. It is very important to understand your client, otherwise, you will not successfully defend them, because you will never truly be on their side of the fence.

If you want to be a good attorney for criminal defense you must be very familiar with the laws. If you are not highly educated in all of the laws, regulations and loop holes that are or could be pertaining to your case, you will not get far, as well. It is very important, because there may be a hidden element to the case that pertains to a particular part of a law that is not noted by the judge, jury or state, which could very well end the case for you and your client without a struggle.

The most important part of being a good Criminal Defense Lawyer is no never be judgmental. You can never read the police report, before speaking with your client, and enter the situation with assumptions and prejudgments made on the clients character and/ or actions. It is very bad for your relationship with your client because if they do not trust you they will not give you the entire story, and without the entire story you do not have a legitimate case to defend in the first place. Develop a good rapport with your client, speak to them like you would a trusted friend, let them see hints of who you are. If they think you trust them and are comfortable with them, they will return the favor.

Of course you must have a good education to become a lawyer but there is a lot more to it than that. Look at things from the your clients perspective for success!