One court in Colorado is attempting to take a more holistic approach to collecting child support. Rather than focusing simply on punitive measures they seek to reconnect non-custodial parent with their children and help them to have confidence that they are doing the right thing.

Individuals from the Problem Solving Court say that not paying support is the symptom of a larger issue. IN the current economy unemployment and other financial stresses sometimes lead to those who would otherwise pay support unable to do so. There are of course instances in which the refusal to pay is not in good faith, but by focusing on everyone’s interest in supporting the children this court says they have had success.

As you may know failure to pay child support can result in prison time. While this is sometimes the only option to ensure that a child support order will be enforced, but putting a parent behind bars often does not lead to long term compliance with child support orders.

Often by the time someone is falling behind in their child support they have also fallen out of contact with their children. When appropriate, reestablishing that relationship can have the added benefit of making the parent understand the importance of regularly paying their child support in a timely manner.

The Problem Solving Court takes a more personal and therapeutic approach to child support enforcement, but that does not mean that it is letting anyone ‘off the hook.’ The court’s magistrate indicated that they are recovering more than $1million each year in child support payments. Contact a in Michigan for more information about family law and other types of law.