In the event that you were injured or a family member was killed while inside a federal government medical facility, you could possibly look for compensation for medical malpractice under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA). Choose a law firm that helps individuals injured through medical malpractice in federal government hospitals and treatment centers. Find medical malpractice attorney in Albuquerque that has comprehensive knowledge of the provisions of the FTCA along with many years of practical experience supporting individuals obtain the necessary settlements to cover their pain, discomfort, bills and injuries.

The FTCA legislates personal injury claims against the government and spells out just how these kinds of claims need to be dealt with. Look for an experienced injury law firm in Athens-Clarke County with years of practical experience submitting claims against the government with regard to medical malpractice. Find a skilled personal injury lawyer to get comprehensive compensation for people who may have been injured at the hands of federal medical professionals, nursing staff and other medical staff and know how to complete the process correctly. This will allow your lawyer to move claims forward quickly with all essential information and facts.

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Types of Medical Malpractice Claims Against the Federal Government

Look for an experienced accidental injury attorney to submit medical malpractice claims for clients injured at either government and non-government medical establishments. A competent lawyer should be able to assess cases quickly and advise individuals about their options. A client will need to talk to an attorney when they experience accidental injuries because of events such as these:

  • Surgical errors
  • Failure to diagnose, or the wrong diagnosis, including cancer misdiagnosis
  • Errors with medication
  • Birth injuries
  • Doctor’s failure to communicate test results
  • Hospital-acquired infections and illnesses
  • Medical professional mistakes
  • Nurses’ medication errors

A law firm should check with medical professionals to find out if the federal government failed to stick to the level of care expected. A competent attorney will investigate, looking at medical documents, consulting expert physicians and nurses and interviewing witnesses in order to establish whether medical negligence took place as well as the nature and accurate cost of your resulting injuries or condition. Also, the attorney should gather all essential paperwork and file the completed Standard Form 95 required by the Federal Tort Claims Act.

Many lawyers will represent dependents and family members of active armed service personnel or armed forces retirees who get hospital treatment at the Eisenhower Army Medical Center at Fort Gordon or the VA Hospital. In the event you suffered medical malpractice inside a federal government facility, you have legal rights under the FTCA.